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If you're here for the March 2005-June 2012 archives, have fun with the archeology. :-)

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Sunday, September 05, 2010

I'm trying something new with this blog & podcast (behind the scenes)

For a while now, listeners of the podcast have asked for an easier way to access all of BGTG's archives. They've actually always been available, but it takes some work. You have to click on one of the archive pages, then find a show and click on its MP3 link to play it through your browser, or right-click it to save it to your computer for later copying to your player or importing into iTunes. What everyone would like instead is to simply have the entire show archive available in the feed so that they'd all show up in iTunes, Zune, or whatever podcatcher you use.

I'm working on it.

Step 1 involved adjusting my feed, which could cause some odd behavior in iTunes or your blogreader. I'm not sure what the final step is, but I know I'm not there yet. It may end up in moving this blog to a new host, which is a lot of work for me, but should end up with a more useful BGTG at the same web address and iTunes subscription you've already got. If you know about this stuff (e.g. itunes tags in the RSS feed), drop me a line.

The rest of you, cross your fingers. :-)