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Thursday, November 20, 2008

BGTG 88 - Dominion, Arkham Horror, Marrakech, and En Garde

This is a session report & feedback show . . . but without the feedback. The reason for that is that I had to record this podcast in the car. I say had to because I spent too much of my at-home podcasting time playing Dominion instead! I started playing this game on brettspielwelt, and then got my own set to play face-to-face games. Hype is a turnoff for me, even buzz makes me suspicious, but in this case I'm enjoying the game just as much as everyone promised. I can't help but experience the game as a former Magic:the Gathering player, and I'm not sure what gamers without a CCG background will make of this. I think it's fantastic, and I try to explain why in this podcast. I think it's an incredible application of German boardgame style & elegance to CCGs.

This episode was originally planned to feature me gushing about games I really enjoyed, but I threw in Arkham Horror because it goes against that grain. Really, this isn't my kind of game, but that doesn't mean I'll never try it (or turn down my friends who want to play it). The last two, Marrakech (aka Suleika) and En Garde are new & old favorites.



Anonymous Patrik, a k a Bergbau said...

I simply do not like to shuffle. It is better on BSW, but the game flow seems counter intuitive to me. It is like the Bureaucracy phase in Power Grid; you just resolve things during your turn, you do not play there so much.

As a non-CCGer, that might be my problem with the game, but do you really think it is fun, doing all the shuffling?

/Patrik, from Sweden

10:28 PM  
Anonymous Daniel Brown (StyxParadox) said...


I left you a voice mail but I wanted to comment here as well. I enjoyed both the podcast and playing with you on BSW. I hope to catch you there on BSW again. How do you look for a player on BSW? I am sure there is away but I don't know it. Maybe BTG fans should set a date/time and play on BSW.

Patrik, I think being a CCG fan helps a lot with this game. The game flow makes perfect sense to an old CCGer like myself. The shuffling can be a pain but with BSW that pain is gone. Since I have played 90% of my game son BSW it doesn't bother me but I see how it could bother some.

7:46 AM  
Anonymous Davebo said...

Hey, great show Mark, and a shout out! Can't beat it. Unfortunately, I _didn't_ listen to your podcast before BGG.Con.

As an avid _NON-CCGer_, I find it interesting that I enjoy Dominion so much. Although it certainly does have CCG aspects to it, what I enjoy is that it's not so much of a card combo game. I've decided I don't like RftG so much due to the necessity to craft what I consider to be complicated card combos in order to succeed.

9:37 AM  

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