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Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Join me for PBW Hacienda

I've been playing play-by-web Hacienda for a while on Yucata.de. They even just started offering alternate maps (at least one). But now SpielByWeb.com also has Hacienda, and I like their game manager interface much better. For one thing, I'm able to create password-protected games just for my podcast listeners! You know the drill . . . go to the site, look for a game with Boardgames To Go in the title, and always use BGTG as the password. I haven't played this game on their site yet, so I don't know the interface. But everything Mikael and his developers put up at SpielByWeb is very slick, so I'm confident it'll work well.

I went with the asymmetric map, the one I believe is included on the backside of the board in the published game. There are other options to upload custom maps made with the Westpark Gamers' map generator program. So, lots of good opportunities to try this game under better conditions. You heard in my last podcast how I've been disappointed with Hacienda, but maybe these new maps will make a big difference.

The game options on the website offer a score-as-you-go variant (which I picked), and an alternate market scoring variant (which I avoided).


P.S. I wrote a show outline for the next podcast last night. A new recording is coming soon, honest! :-)


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