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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Another good boardgame podcast

This has already been reported on Boardgamenews.com, but I also want to call your attention to Garrett's Games & Geekiness, a new boardgame podcast by Doug Garrett. Doug is probably best known as the boardgame organizer for the well-regarded Kublacon game convention. It's held in the San Francisco Bay Area over Memorial Day Weekend. A few years ago I got to go when Reiner Knizia made an appearance, and last year he returned . . . which we all got to hear on Derk & Aldie's BoardgameSpeak.

Anyway, give Doug's podcast a listen. If you play podcasts on your desktop or iPod, it's ready to go right now. If you use a CD burner or some other player (like my Treo), you can't use the feed just yet--click on the MP3 links instead. It's worth it!



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What a small world! Always looking for information about the great hobby of gaming, I found your podcast. Nice Job! -Dave Lindsay

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