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Monday, December 05, 2005

BGTG 45 - Dec. 2, 2005 - My days with Steve Jackson Games

The last in the series of BGG.con-related shows, this one's only connection is the fact that I first tried to record it on the way to BGG.con . . . and the fact that it features Texas (Austin, this time). That original recording took place while on layover at the Denver airport. Unfortunately, the background noise was too distracting, so I ultimately had to discard it. But I'd kept my notes, and simply re-recorded it again back in California.

Almost zero boardgame content this time, as it's mostly a rambling story of my work with SJ Games when it was primarily a roleplaying game company. This is post-Car Wars & pre-Munchkin, when GURPS ruled the roost. Not only that, it's what I was playing back then. Yeah, I had a roleplaying phase, too. And though it didn't feature trolls, magic missiles, and greatswords, it was still geeky enough to make me cringe a little now. I've got Geek Anxiety, I admit it!


Steve Jackson Games
Microgames: Ogre, GEV, Melee, Wizard
The Space Gamer magazine (oops! Anyone have a good link?)
The Fantasy Trip
GURPS (Generic, Universal RolePlaying System)
GURPS Supers
GURPS Wild Cards
GURPS Super Scum
GURPS Supertemps
My old Super Scum & Supertemps page


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well Mark, you've taken a subject that I really could care little about – RPGs – and weaved a delightful little story here. I really enjoyed it! Also fun to get to know a little more about you. Interesting to hear about working for a publisher and how flakey contributors can be. Thanks so much!

Mike Doyle

5:33 PM  
Blogger Iain said...

Great show. Thanks for a good listen. I love these sorts of stories. Reminds me of Alan Moon's geeklist and Geekspeak interview about his time at Avalon Hill

8:24 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great show. I was starting to worry that you were giving up on us. ;-)

9:51 PM  
Blogger Mark Johnson said...

Giving up on my listeners?! No way! However, sometimes my schedule gets irregular, and there's a gap in my podcasts. Like right now. :-/

I'm glad folks enjoyed this show. I really wasn't sure about how the RPG stories would go over, and after my initial recording difficulties I almost decided to skip it. (Probably would've, too, except that I'd promised it already.)

9:24 AM  
Anonymous Subey said...

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10:35 AM  
Anonymous Subey said...

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10:50 AM  

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