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Wednesday, November 16, 2005

BGTG 44a - Nov.16, 2005 - My own BGG.con impressions (part 1)

[Against my better judgment, I'm posting this show before I've had a chance to listen to it. Someone please email me if there's something amiss, and I'll correct it ASAP. I don't have the opportunity to go through my normal recording-proofing-publishing routine, but want to get this out rather than sit on it. -Mark]

Two shows ago I had an interview with Aldie & Derk about Boardgamegeek.con. At that time I mostly let them do the talking, explaining their experience with the first event and plans for subsequent ones. This show is a chance for me to say what I thought of the time I had at the convention. In this first half I talk just about the games I played. Mostly new ones, despite my personal preference to play older favorites, but happily they were generally good experiences. Some were quite good. Plus, I got to play some oldies-but-goodies, too.

In the next half I'll talk about my overall experiences at the convention.


New: E&T Card Game, Shear Panic, Mission: Red Planet, Mall of Horror, Lucca Cittá, Kaivai, Ark, Elasund, Il Principe, Tempus
New to me: Wongar, Memoir '44 Overlord
Older: Entdecker, Hansa, Exxtra, Honeybears, Verräter
Didn't get to: Kreta, Caylus, Hazienda, Carcassonne:The Discovery, Havoc, Australia, Byzantium


Blogger Flieger said...

Hi Mark,
Very interesting impressions. I only got to spend Saturday and Sunday at BGG and got to play only 12 games.

I did play Shear Panic and liked it. The Wallace and Gromit type sheep certainly helped. But I think the game holds up on its own, too. It is of course, quite chaotic, but I don't mind that in a game.

I also played Mall of Horror. As it turned out, I sat in on the same game as you and Greg did. I also thought the game's production was wonderful. The theme is immersive and fits the game play quite well. It is a game that you shouldn't take too personally, as one of the players did. I think he got upset that too many promises got broken (heh, heh, heh--evil laugh), but I think that is what the game is all about. I did manage to win this one, but only because I was able to convince the last player not to throw me out to the zombies, because I trash talked him the least.
I may have to get this one for next Halloween.

I tried a couple of hands of Havoc. It is a good poker variant but I just can't justify paying $18 for poker... I think a different, more contemporary theme would help the publisher market it to a broader poker playing audience. The 100 Years war is just not of interest to most poker players.

One game that surprisingly stuck out for me was ChiZo Rising. Although I usually don't like collectable games, I enjoyed this one quite a bit. I'll probably wait a year or so to purchase it, hoping to get a couple of complete sets on eBay.


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