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If you're here for the March 2005-June 2012 archives, have fun with the archeology. :-)

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Monday, June 27, 2005

Tip Jar

The show I just uploaded marks my need to bump up my podcast hosting subscription plan one level. I'm just recording too much! Even at the 32kbps (sound ok, by the way?), I'm running smack into the 100MB monthly storage limit. Now I've more than doubled that to 250, which should do me until I go to videocasts. (That's a joke, people--remember I'm motivated by podcasts you can safely appreciate during your commute?) With the upgraded subscription comes some increased fees. Nothing I can't handle, but I've added one of those voluntary PayPal donation buttons. A "tip jar," I think they call it, right? It's way down at the bottom of the right sidebar. A buck or two or five would be appreciated, but the show is free whether you donate or not. :-)




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