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Tuesday, June 28, 2005

BGTG - June 28, 2005 (Boardgame resolutions)

A quick little show, the shortest I've done in a while. Mostly I just struck while the iron was hot, but with a surge in subscribers due to podcast support in iTunes, it's proven to be timely. Welcome new listeners! As I say in the little audio aside, I encourage the new folks to check out the permanently linked shows at the top of the right sidebar: intro shows about podcasting and also strategy boardgames.

This is also the first time I pasted a photo in here. That's me in the center of the photo, during a game of Oltremare. Normally I smile . . . I must be deep in concentration. :-) Those are some of the Santa Clarita Boardgamers around me: Greg Wizbach (my logo designer!) on the right , Erin Wheeler across from him, and our other Ryan (not Erin's husband!) in the foreground.


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You look *nothing* like I imagined. Could you please Photoshop in the head of someone closer to NASCAR driver Bobby Labonte so I don't have to alter my world view? M'kay? Thanks.

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