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Sunday, April 24, 2005

Family game success

Wouldn't you know, not long after I posted my last show about gaming with my family, I managed to have a new success: 2-player San Marco with my wife. Now, San Marco isn't intended for just two players, but there are a couple variants posted on Boardgamegeek. We tried the one that uses a mostly inert dummy player (some dummy player rules can get too involved--not the case here), and it worked fine. Just be sure to use two initial bridges per player, not one.

Kind of following the discussion in my show about gaming with family, what made the game work was the theme. Candy and I had just watched a travel documentary about Venice, so I was able to play that up. It doesn't hurt that she's taking some Italian classes at the local community college, and could correct me on my pronunciations. :)

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